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8 William Street, Canterbury, United Kingdom

4.5 577 Reviews

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Order your lunch or dinner now at Shad, quick, easy, online! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared and delivered by the home delivery service of Shad from Canterbury. Do you have any questions? Just call +441227741442.

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Our first visit to Shad and was excellent both food and service. Different menu choices from the norm and good vegetarian options

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It does not matter how good the cooking techniques are. If the chef is using copious amounts of TABLE SALT. the end result cannot rise and take its place amongst heavenly experiences I had one of the chef's special lamb dishes. I regularly cook as it is part of my heritage. The lamb seemed OK but the lingering taste of, you guessed it, table salt meant that I cannot really comment on the chefs skills because his mistake crushes everything else about the experience. India is a land with a wide tradition of different salts from Himalayan pink salt to black rock salt and sea- salt. Why use a totally disgusting industrial by-product instead of a fundamental food ingredient? The staff were polite and efficient . The manager seemed rather distracted by his mobile phone. . Indian food culture insists on generosity and attention to guests. Any shortfall in either food quality or service would be a matter of shame. Come on guys you can do way way better than this. The menu is really quite different .in that it offers real choice away from the usual Bangladesh type of fare . but it does not make a clean break and give us a real experience of India. Instead it introduces new dishes whilst clinging on to the old faithfuls as well. I would like to see a smaller menu based on seasonal availability. with attention to detail Go back to your roots bring back grandmothers recipes and teach us about you.

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