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62 St. Mary Street, Cardiff, United Kingdom

🛍 Meat , Fish , Seafood , French , Steak , Bistro

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le monde serves exceptional fresh seafood and if they are tired of meat, I recommend them to enter this restaurant. from prawns, lobsters and muddles to the mönch and forellen has everything. the preparations are also diverse from traditional grills to Thai curries. we found the monk in lemon butter excellent! the prices are a bit steep and I found the lighting somewhat inspiring. the restaurant also has this strange norm that if the appetizers are not finished, they would not bring the main course. good that we asked to have lost our geduld something, because one of us was satisfied with only one starter for itself, because it was not really hungry. cost for a few about £60.

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an unbelieving, disappointing visit! I ordered the Calamari star who was on average, although the teersauce was a look at the hope. the rib eye was the entrée for the evening (a personal favorite) with a king prawn. the rib eye was dry, with a opaque low fat content, the garnish was overcooked so that it with a, due to the lack of a better word, mushy texture. when the rib eye was returned, the blue eye rarely returned. the small amount of fat it had contained, it had not been hard and unpleasant. the service was friendly although not quite on kratzer with me repeatedly after fresher cutlery after my starter and after the first disappointing pornstar was removed...read more

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