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Order your lunch or dinner now at Hasan Meze Mangal, quick, easy, online! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared and delivered by the home delivery service of Hasan Meze Mangal from Hackney. Do you have any questions? Just call +4402072750109.

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Mezze lunch was tasty and great value.  We ordered Pilaki, Yoghurtu Patlican Ezme, Lahmacun, and Sucuk Izgara.  Service was attentive.They brought a large complimentary salad with pickled red cabbage, lettuce, chopped tomato and raw onion sprinkled with sumac.  The second dish that was on the house was really lovely.  Onions had been skewered and grilled over charcoal, then dressed in pomegranate molasses.  Smokey flatbread toasted over the charcoal grill was complimentary too.  All of the freebies served as a reminder of how hospitable the Turks are.I was disappointed that the Pilaki bean dish was essentially borlotti beans in sauce instead of the cold green haricots dressed in garlicky olive oil I hankered for from another Turk (Pera on Shoreditch High Street).  I wouldn't order the bean dish here again.  Sucuk or beef salami was deep fried rather than grilled as described on the menu, but tasty and crunchy nonetheless.  Patlican was more yoghurt than aubergine but quite nice.  Lahmacun or cheeseless Turkish pizza with spicy mince was good and a huge portion.  We ended up taking half of the portion and some of the sucuk home in a takeaway box.  The lahmacun were served quartered, so I guess you weren't really meant to roll them up with salad inside, which is how you sometimes get them.We definitely need to come back and try the mangal, or charcoal grilled meat.  The spread of skewered meats looked fantastic.  A generous mezze lunch for two with soft drinks and leftovers in a takeaway box was quid before tip.

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Meze is Turkish antipasti.. İt comes before kebap, it prepares you for main course!! Hasan Meze Mangal (mangal is Turkish barbecue) is succesful since their kebaps and mezes are delicious.. You can order mix kebap and discover types of kebaps!! Comperatively, it is cheaper than other countries' cusine!!

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